Mortal Kombat Incoming Darkness

The One Being is coming!

A unique Mortal Kombat game with its own in-house engine

Programming C++ Art 3D Game Engine

Back in 2008 I formed a small team of 10 and started an ambitious game project. We didn’t know what the hell we were doing but we sure learned fast. The idea was to figure out how to code an engine from scratch in C++ and create something with it in the process.

The main goal of the project was to be something different but still familiar

  • Game Modes: Arcade, Multiplayer, Online, Arena Kombat - fight as long as you can
  • Addon system for characters and arenas
  • RPG mechanics - Strength, Agility, Balance, Health, Energy
  • A music player with the ability to import songs
  • Fast pase action like MK4 but with smooth transition animations
  • Extensive gameplay configuration options

Before i knew it we had pretty much all the assets we needed for the alpha

  • Sounds (Rain, Footsteps, Kicks, Punches, etc…)
  • Music (250 Soundtracks)
  • Textures (Ninja Costumes)
  • 3D Menu Art (Dragon Emblem, Dark Background)
  • Male & Female Basic 3D Models + Bones
  • Terrain, Rocks, Trees, etc…

Based on the male 3d model i started modeling Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Unfortunatly I didn’t get the chance to finish the models.

The Failure

After several months of coding the other programmer gave up and left the project. Frankly it was a boring and tedious job for both of us.

Me being the only one working on the engine was a huge setback. We needed alternatives. There weren’t many, however the best one was the Unreal Engine 3. While “the remainning few” were playing with it I started putting together the first arena “Lost Lands”.