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Absolute Determination


If you choose to hire me you should know what I can offer

  • Art

    11 Project(s)

    Photoshop, Krita, Designing Websites, Logos, User Interfaces, Photo Enhancement, Good Drawing Skills

  • C/C++ Programming

    8 Project(s)

    Visual Studio, QtCreator, Unreal Engine 4, OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan, Qt, Windows API, X Window System, AmxxPawn, Extreme Code Optimization

  • IT Support

    0 Project(s)

    Windows/Linux Administration, Solutions to less common problems

  • 3D Modeling

    5 Project(s)

    Blender, 3D Max (previously), Character Modeling, Environments, Armature Manipulation, Animations, Polygon Optimization

  • Science & Technology

    6 Project(s)

    Electronics, KiCAD, Desktop & Laptop Repair, Server Maintenance, A fair knowledge of how the standard architecture & Memristors work

  • Web Development

    4 Project(s)

    Atom, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive Designs, JQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, Typo3 (TypoScript, Extbase & Fluid), Joomla Extensions, Kirby, Jekyll

Freelance Status

I am currently available for hire.