Mortal Kombat 4 SDK

Bringing back old memories

Cross-platform toolkit that takes a different approach to MK4 modding

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List of What You Can Modify

  • textures - using mk4strip
  • 3d models - using alter3d + asefix
  • sounds - using mk4strip & automated audio converter
  • game logic - using hex injection tool + a hex map for the known offsets
  • installer - using NSIS


A little tool for .ase 3d models audit, fixing format compatibility issues with mk4 & automatic .hra generation

Why is the tool necessary? The creator of mk4strip presented very little information about the correct way to format .ase 3d models, how to generate .hra files & bone structure. As a result if stripe3d didn’t crash in the process, it produced a completely messed up .geo file.


hex injection tool that modifies mk4.exe offsets to string pointers & intercepts win32 api calls


How To

The whole modding process is built around CMake. It automates everything with the help of a few configuration files. If something is missing or not used the propper way while building your modification, you will be informed with a meaningful explanation and pointed in the right direction.

Verified Technical Details

 Convertible Assetsfilesys
Textures256x256 BMP RGBAX 24-bit256x256 RLE 15-bit
GeometryASE (3DS Max ASCII)GEO
SoundsWAV PCM 8-bit 11025Hz MonoWAV PCM 8-bit 11025Hz Mono, ESF

Additional Software


Blender Addon - ASCII Export (ASE) - if it doesn’t work, try the one from the repository

Autodesk 3DS Max

3DS Max has .ase export by default